”Uhuru Will Endorse Raila For President 2022 To Secure His Legacy”- Hon Nyamu

”Uhuru Will Endorse Raila For President 2022 To Secure His Legacy”- Hon Nyamu

By Cyprian Nyamwamu

In 1995, Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete vied for the CCM presidential nomination and beat all of his opponents. Mwalimu Nyerere called a press conference in his capacity as the Party Chairman and declared that JK had not matured enough for the presidency. Mwalimu declared that instead Benjamin Mkapa would become the CCM candidate and we know that Mkapa became.

Mwalimu wanted to keep Tanzania’s unwritten agreement intact which provides that if a Muslim were president the next shall be a Christian. Nyerere himself had resigned from the presidency willingly and handed over to Ali Hassan Mwinyi.

Nelson Mandela, a man who was loved beyond words decided to do five years at the helm. In fact during those years Thabo Mbeki was substantively the CEO with Mandela performing his South African Ambassador number one role of uniting the country and visiting their anti-apartheid struggle friends all over the world.

Leadership is what is lacking in the other East African countries especially Kenya, Uganda, Burundi, South Sudan among others.

So Kibaki who was never going to be President is helped to the presidency by Raila destroying KANU and moving the LDP brigade to endorse him through the Kibaki Tosha declaration. The man from Othaya immediately reneges on their MOU, Kenya ends up with a very divisive referendum in 2005. The country bursts into violence because of a stolen election, all because of Kibakis lack of gratitude.

President Kibaki should have immediately called Raila to Muthaiga and told him that look, I know we agreed that I will do five and hand over to you, but listen, let me do ten and I will campaign for you in 2012. Kenya would be the true African lion today. We could never had the 2007/8 post election violence and catastrophe and Uhuru and Ruto would never have gone to the Hague.

Tragically, Kibaki further endorsed Uhuru in 2013 instead of endorsing Raila and uniting the country solidly forever. This lack of leadership, vision, decency baffles me. Uhuru would have by now grown into stature to take over from Raila in 2022. What a great republic would this be today!

But you know Uhuru can surprise us all. The President should openly endorse Raila Odinga for president in 2022 so that Raila gets a 67% endorsement and with such a mandate secure Uhurus legacy, do five years and then hand over to another solid leader to lead Kenya to greatness. So what I have seen the Central Kenya politicians do led by Jamleck, Kabando, Kembi Gitura and others is really wonderful and wise.

In the book of Jeremiah, the prophet urges the priests, the princes and the people to live in obedience to the word and laws of God in order to receive God’s favour. I urge Kenyan clergy to advise the prince and the people to do the right thing and save our country from the blood thirsty demon called tribal pride and superiority so that we learn to share, honor, sacrifice for one another for the good of the people and country. Kenya must not have a Kikuyu or Kalenjin as President in 2022. It has been 60 years in that circuit. Let’s break the hegemony that Kikuyu-Kalenjin elites have build and say loudly that what matters is the qualities of the man or woman not the ethnicity. Akina Moses Kuria waende pole pole.

At the Future of Kenya Foundation, these are the kinds of scenarios we know will lift our country out of the current bleak situation to a secure path to prosperity and cohesion.
Mbarikiwe sana.

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