”Uhuru Overtakes DP Ruto As The Most Hated Person In Kenya” Confidential NIS Report

''Uhuru Overtakes DP Ruto As The Most Hated Person In Kenya'' Confidential NIS Report

A confidential report commissioned by top statehouse operatives and collaborated by sections of the spy agency NIS indicate that President Uhuru soared to the top of most hated persons in Kenya, this latest development is worrying to those close him.

That Uhuru is hated is no secret, just browse through social media and you will see how thousands of Kenyans have been defiantly displaying their low regard for President since last week when he signed the Finance Bill, 2018, that raised the cost of living.

Previously in another survey, DP Ruto had scored higher than Uhuru and this was mainly for his weekly contributions that runs into tens of millions that many assumed is looted from public coffers.

The president’s posts on Twitter and Facebook on his official engagements have been greeted with a barrage of criticism and ridicule from Kenyans especially those from Mt Kenya and Rift Valley.

Some Kenyans have for instance gone to an extent of warning Uhuru not to commit Kenya to any other foreign loan. Others have told him to keep his foreign engagements to himself and stop posting photos of his whereabouts on social media.


Today Tuesday, the president posted about his meeting with Bill and Melinda Gates on the sidelines of UN General Assembly in Newyork and hell broke lose on the comment section;

“Held discussions with Bill and Melinda Gates, the founders of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, on the sidelines of the 73rd United Nations General Assembly.”– Uhuru Kenyatta

Hate Comments:

Chriz Leboo: Bill Gates did not steal from his county but invented and innovated. Tell Ruto to stop looting and be an innovator.

Justus Mwangi
: Wanjiku is now the proud owner of a fuel guzzler just like her counterparts with v8s. Only difference is that it is a kerosene stove.

Savengery Sting Bee
: Me thinks there should be a public participation while borrowing. ..one person cannot just wake up one night to and borrow money under our names

Kennedy Ndegwa
: 1Kings 12:8 But Rehoboam rejected the advice the elders gave him and consulted the young men who had grown up with him and were serving him.
This describes you sir

Onchimbo Richore: On judgement day I will be wearing a kenyan flag 🇰🇪 🇰🇪 🇰🇪 to notify JESUS that I’ve been through a lot

Alex Kanyi
: A no legacy president,Railway line is not helping us,better a walking man on a Stable nation.
Si basi utafute soko ya kahawa,kare o thafary cia gukomba

Jef Kisomo : When u can pay Parliament leadership to force a bill even against the will of Kenyans.. U r not our president.. When u r serving the interest of China, IMF,world bank ..

Charles Ngigi
: People will start escaping from you,that happens when all they can see on your face is appetite for debt that you can clearly not pay….

Muturi Wa Kiura
: Are you having discussions while standing?
Yaani wizi imekuwa kwa damu
AUGUST MKAIBIA RAO kura, 26th you stole from yourselves. Parliament on 8% tax you stole from wanjiku on broad daylight, Now again mchana mchana you are telling us that you had talks with bill gates? Let’s then assume me watching you in this pic we had talks

Joe-Free Muturi
: unaeza ka tu uko kwa sidelines👺 ….feel some shame as you meet great minded pple in contrast to your tumbocracy

Muturi Wa Kiura
: Tafadhali usikope tena. Ukikopa mtalipa na Margaret. Just borrow yours and expand Brookside and Peponi School. WAKENYA Maloan imetosha. Now even our semen owes Chinese. We can’t borrow further tabathali

On Monday, the president’s posts on histrip to New York for the United Nations General Assembly followed a now familiar pattern of drawing anger from his followers.

“Quality conversations with the Chancellor of Austria 🇦🇹, H.E. Sebastian Kurz and the President of Austria, H.E. Alexander Van der Bellen about the EU/Africa Forum in Austria in December and the Blue Economy Conference in November #UNGA,” the President posted together with photos.

Justus Too quickly replied; “You mean the world have not realized here is a guy going around the world eating their food and borrowing their money?!”

“WHAT quality? Ask the Austrian Chancellor whether his fellow Austrians sleep hungry. Ask the Austrian Chancellor whether corruption is a tourist attraction as in Kenya,” wondered Guanta Namo.

Jeremy Wakamu also addressed the President. “How do you expect me to mind about you sijui meeting who sijui from where while my kinsmen back at our village are paying more for kerosene to light their small tin lamps i.e money equivalent to amount per litre to fuel Brookside diesel trucks carrying the same poorly paid milk by brookside that they milk from their emaciated cows.”


Others WARNED President Kenyatta not to burden Kenyans with another loan.

“Do everything you can there ..but please don’t come back with another loan ..” said Jacob Man Untd.

Nick Tuwei said; “Hatutasahau! Hautatufunika! Hautatuziba macho! Meet everyone you want,say anything good about them. Infact ask them to host you up/down there. When you are away we feel less suffocated by the tax you left behind. My plea is when you decide to come back,please don’t come with any more debts. We besiege you. It was better while we waited. No hayo tu kwa Sasa.”

The President also posted about his other engagement. “Attended the Global Call to Action on the World Drug Problem meeting hosted by US 🇺🇸 President Donald Trump on the sidelines of the 73rd UN General Assembly #UNGA”.


But Kenyans did not change their responses.

Lawre Hernandez Koome said; “The last time I checked you had cut on travel expenses for the executive and other institutions in the name of prudence use of taxes, how come you travelled?”

“Inform Trump that Kenya is now selling kerosine @ 120per litre,and we are operating under China uniform,” said Hon Paul Onchoke Ogwankwa.

“Well done our travelling President. By the way, when are you visiting Kenya?” chuckled Kimson Kimani Kim.


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