Uhuru Jubilee Supporters Suffering A Rare Disease, The Curse Of Voting Along Tribal Lines Blindly


By Gan Oguda

There is a medical condition called ‘factitious disorder’. It is what those who voted for this Jubilee government are currently suffering from.

Factitious disorder, for those who are visitors in this Jerusalem, is a mental disorder in which a person acts as if he or she has a physical or mental illness when, in fact, he or she has consciously created the symptoms.

These people are willing to undergo painful or risky tests to get sympathy and special attention. You will see them write long Facebook posts how they regret voting for this government, some even tagging Raila Odinga to apologize on behalf of their community asking for unconditional forgiveness. Do not believe them, for they do not know that they are suffering from a silent mental condition.

If a new presidential election was to be called today, and Uhuru Kenyatta was on the ballot against Raila Odinga, the voting patterns in the Central Highlands will remain the same as they were last August. This is not a hypothesis I am trying to advance, it is a statement of fact backed up by a trend analysis of Kenya’s electoral system since our precolonial days.

What you see at the presidential level is a macro manifestation of what happens down in your village where clans gang up to lock out other clans for the post of MCA and MP. Our politics is deeply-ethnicized like that, and we cannot change that in this generation. I will speak like a cultural anthropologist and tell you for free that it will take three generations for Kenyan politics to clean itself and start fashioning its ideology based on issues.

Which means that the opinions of those online Jubilee apologists do not count and doesn’t matter. There are people in-charge of intoxicating their minds with ethnic garbage to make them vote the way they vote, and those people only kick into action when the electoral cycle is on. The fact that you can clearly see now that the rain is gone doesn’t mean that when the rain is back you will still retain the same sense of sight as you had while you were in the sun.

There is only one way to apologize for giving us a bloodsucking vampire, and it is not by writing winding apologies on social media trying to feign remorse for things you did when you were very sober. The only sincere apology we shall wholeheartedly invite is for you to put your money where your mouth is and start a popular revolution from your backyard which will end in impeaching this skunk of a President you shamelessly gave us last year.

Either that, or kindly stop wasting our time.

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