Uhuru Insulted Badly By ‘Kikuyus and Kalenjins’ Upon Signing 8% VAT Bill Into Law

'Wanjiku' Auctioneer Hon Mbadi Embarrassed, Fails To Join Uhuru Signing 8% VAT Bill at Statehouse

Here are some of the comments on Uhuru Kenyatta’s wall upon posting a photo of signing the Finance Bill 2018 into law; insults all over from his stronghold of Kikuyu and Kalenjin communities; check them out:

Bitie Sumukwo: You can as well tax our clitoris basing on sizes…nugu

Cecilia Muiruri : So, you have decided to show us the middle finger this early morning by signing a bill that was passed shoddily. This is broad daylight theft!

Stella Muriithi:
Sorry it’s too late now. We don’t believe in you anymore. Nothing you say will make us trust in you again. You are dead to most of us.

Stanley Muriuki I saw an article cancer has started eating this guy..I voted for you but may you rest in peace..nuguuu

Kim Chon Un
: Look at that group of the greedy,, may the witches of kitui strike that room with lightning, diahrohea and a serious leprosy

James Wachira Gikonyo: The way you had your foot soldiers rig parliament votes yesterday is the same way you rigged in the presidential elections.

Ishmael Nyabuto : An hour of reckoning is on the way , hell has broken loose and a big hurricane is just around.Tax and more tax dozens will die of hunger statistics have it that way.
# hata hewa tutalipia soon

Allan Ngetich Chichi: So you just completed stealing China’s money. Now its time to start stealing directly from mwananchis’ pocket. A great shame.

Weston Kipngetich: Whichever way we look at it, you have succeeded in creating a legacy. How else will you ever forget someone who forcefully rob you in broad daylight. To cap it all he holds you upside down and shake you to get the last coin.

Peter Maiyo: You may as well increase the period of pregnancy from 9 months to 11 months if you’ve decided to increase everything, we don’t care anymore nkt

Ignitious Cheiyo: Broad daylight theft… What happened yesterday is a clear indication of how shoddy this government is
And now you have the audacity to ascent into theft?

Brian Meshack
: Apart from Jelly fish you are the only animal that survives without a brain

Daniel Gathoga
: Why do you keep saying reducing the VAT on fuel from from 16% to 8%? We didn’t have it before to begin with.

Daniel K. Njoroge: Who said we have targets 🎯 on development. I’m greatly disappointed. I wish I knew.

Euniz Mwix
: May our good lord Judge your Government in a broad daylight like today! Our bleeding hearts shudnt be left unconsidered!

Harun Mwangi: The forest was shrinking but the trees kept voting for the axe as its handle was made of wood and they thought it was one of them.

Seans Prince
: So we are being heavily taxed to pay for the money you guys steal.May you never see heaven sir!!.

Joel Akwiri: Atleast William Ruto has now gotten cash to continue with his weekly fundraising of Ksh 40M per week.

Abuga Makori :Bure kabisa. You’re a thief

Stephen Babayao Njoroge: Let them steal all the money. You’re busy telling people to join you to build your retiring city while we all suffer. It’s okay, your day is coming.

Mwangi Joshua Mbari
: ya kimendero, hata humjui, make it 40% and let your people keep loot, we’re helpless may God hear our cry.

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