Uhuru Asks Politicians to Avoid 2022 Talks

Uhuru Asks Politicians to Avoid 2022 Talks

President Uhuru Kenyatta on Saturday asked politicians to stop engaging in 2022 politics that have fueled unnecessary tension in the country.

Speaking during a clean up processes at Uhuru Market – Jogoo Road, the president stated that politicians should focus on delivering services to Kenyans and wait for the right time to engage in such politics.

“We will not feed on our parties but on development. We should respect each other as no development is delivered on party lines like ODM, Jubilee or Wiper.

“Let us work together as this is our country. We have nowhere to go to so let us pull together to help our people,” Uhuru remarked.

President Uhuru at the clean up processes at Uhuru Market along Jogoo Road

This comes after Uhuru blasted Deputy President William Ruto in May this year through a video, warning him to stop engaging in politics and focus on his work to the public.

Hii kijana anaitwa Ruto kila wikendi anatangatanga kila pahali. Atakuwa anapitia hizi machorochoro. Mkiona kuna kitu inaenda konakona mmwambie. Tuhakikishe kazi ya wananchi imefanyika. Tuwache siasa tufanye kazi.

(This young man called Ruto moves around every weekend traversing the country. He will be passing through these roads. If you see something is not being done right you should tell him. We should make sure the citizens are served. Let us stop politicking and get down to work),” stated the President.

According to reports, the video was recorded during the President’s tour of Eastlands area where he had earlier issued title deeds and later commissioned the construction of roads in the area.

“We are working with the county government in ensuring that the state of roads has improved in the county,” stated Uhuru.

The President who is serving his second and final term, had warned the contractors against inferior work on the repairs pointing out that the government would be keenly monitoring the progress.

After the statement many believed that the Jubilee duo was falling apart and the president was shrewdly throwing a jab at his deputy.

Deputy President William Ruto addressing the public

Ruto later responded to the remarks made by the president revealing that he was reporting his findings to the Head of State following the instruction given to him by Uhuru to inform him of the things affecting Kenyans.


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