Uhuru Advises Instructors to Implement for Africa Union Observer Positions

Uhuru Advises Teachers to Apply for Africa Union Observer Jobs

President Uhuru Kenyatta on Tuesday advised Kenyan teachers to find observer status with the African Union (AU) beside their existing occupations.

The president instructed that the academics would be in a better position to develop contacts with the continent’s major leadership as users of the observer mission.

He even further argued that lecturers have an critical role in bringing up the upcoming technology of Africans, instilling the Pan-Africanism values.

President Kenyatta promised to advocate for the instructors to the other African Heads of Point out to give an observer status to the group.


“You have the Herculean process to mentor the young children of Africa. There should be a forum you can use to have interaction with the African Union,” the president noted when he formally opened the 10th African Confederation of Principals (ACP).

Kenya is scheduled to get about the presidency of the teacher’s organisation whose aim is to benchmark on the ideal training practices throughout the continent.

The ACP also desires to bid for Kenya to host the Intercontinental Confederation of Principals assembly in 2021.

President Kenyatta explained the meeting of principals currently being held in Mombasa showcases the progress Africa has manufactured in reworking its instruction process.

The Head of Condition pointed out that African nations that taught their young children to value their African id before their ethnic identities currently have lesser tribalism.

“Pan-Africanism and unity make any difference in our advancement as a folks. Some of us have emphasised the teaching of African record some of us have taught their young children to defeat the divisions that troubled their parents’ generation some of us have prized African unity, and taught their youngsters to prize it far too.

“Our education devices have to be aligned to labour market place demands. That is, schooling ought to be made to better prepare our young children to make a contribution to a pretty grand job: turning Africa’s wealth into Africans’ wealth,” President Kenyatta stated.



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