Ugandan Parliament to Discuss Dispute Over Migingo Island

Ugandan Parliament to Discuss Dispute Over Migingo Island

The Ugandan Parliament is set to discuss the issue surrounding Migingo Island on Tuesday.

Cases of harassment have been on the rise as both countries deployed military personnel to try and resolve the issues facing the island.

Uganda recently raised the number of police officers around the island after lowering the Kenyan flag.

Migingo Island located in Lake Victoria

The act by the Ugandan officers was against the joint policing that had been agreed to by the two nations.

Attempts to have the flag hoisted were met with hostility by the Ugandan forces who ensured that their flag was the only one flying on the island.

Troubled fishermen from Mugabo, Nyadhiwa and Muhuru mainland beaches opted to keep off from the disputed land.

The proposed national boundary by Members of Parliament from Nyanza will be at the centre of the debate.

Bondo MP Gideon Ochanda highlighted that there have been cases of harassment of Kenyan fishermen in the past few months.

“We have confirmed that the problem lies with Ugandans and they are using boundaries as an excuse to extort fishermen,” remarked Ochanda.

Ugandan security forces on the island is larger in size than the Kenyan one with MPs from the area accusing the national government of not settling the Island’s ownership row.

“It is sad that arbitrary arrests and intimidation continues to be visited upon Kenyan fishermen in Lake Victoria despite persistent calls from leaders to have the matter resolved,” Nyatike MP Tom Odege stated.

Ugandan MP George Abott who is also the chairman of the East Africa Affairs Committee revealed that there are Ugandans who are tortured alongside their Kenyan counterparts.

Bondo MP Gideon Ochanda

“We are not going to sit as leaders and watch as some rogue officers are damaging the cordial relationship between the two countries,” stated Abott.


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