Uasin Gishu County Assembly Pass Motion on Breast Feeding Zones


Uasin Gishu County on Thursday became the first county in Kenya to require all public facilities to provide breastfeeding zones.

The motion received support from a majority of the ward representatives who expressed sympathy for nursing mothers who could not feed their babies due to public scrutiny.

Nominated Member of County Assembly (MCA) Jeruto Barbengi observed that mothers experience a lot of challenges and the zones would help to mitigate the challenges.

Cheptiret MCA Gilbert Tenai urged the county administration to act quickly in ensuring the Bill is promptly implemented.


“We have passed the Breastfeeding Bill and the county government should urgently ensure that breastfeeding mothers have their decency protected,” Tenai stated.

The member for Tarakwa, Mr Patrick Bundotich, who is a gynaecologist by profession advised that the mothers needed a comfortable area to feed their children.

Dr Bundotich further added that breastfeeding requires a safe and hygienic environment for both the mother and child to avoid infections.

The debate on breastfeeding zones was sparked some weeks ago when a woman shared her experience with a Nairobi eatery where she was allegedly asked to stop breastfeeding.

The attendant at the Olive Hotel, Accra Road, told the mother that the act was making other customers at the facility uncomfortable.

The hotel went on to apologise for the incident claiming that the woman had misconstrued the facts.


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