Traffic Police Officer Refuses Bribe Offered by Matatu Driver Along Thika Road

Traffic Police Officer Refuses Bribe Offered by Matatu Driver Along Thika Road

A traffic police officer based along Thika Road on Thursday threw away money meant to bribe him after he stopped a matatu for an unknown offence.

In an incident captured by a passenger in the bus, a Mwiki Sacco Limited (MSL) crew member tried to offer the officer the money after which he is seen throwing it away.

The officer continued to write the driver’s offence after which he got on his speedbike and roared off, leaving the matatu and its crew to face their fate.

The Thursday evening incident comes as an abnormally as most traffic officers are known to be corrupt, some even demanding for hefty bribes irrespective of the offence committed.

Some are reported to go to the extent of stopping vehicles and demanding for bribes to ‘pardon’ imaginary offences they may have come up with at the spot.

The video posted on Twitter elicited a number of reactions, with many netizens praising the officer’s action.

Incidents where police are caught on tape soliciting bribes are numerous, with one caught on camera accompanying a motorist to withdraw money meant for a bribe.

The officer received Ksh3,000 from a motorist whose laptop he had confiscated upon stopping him for driving with worn out tires, forcing the motorist to follow the officer to Industrial Area where he was stationed.

In a more recent incident, another officer named Dan Mburu was busted by the Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission officials for receiving a Ksh5,250 bribe from a PSV operators.

Mburu was found guilty on charges of abuse of office to which he was sentenced to a one-year jail term or pay Ksh1 million instead.

The traffic department has in the past been highlighted as one of the most corrupt state organs with mega scandals amounting to millions exposed in the past.

Some of the reactions to the video posted on Twitter include;



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