Top Government Officials Stealing From Solai Dam Victims In Nakuru

Top Government Officials Stealing From Solai Dam Victims In Nakuru

#UshenziKE! By a Nakuru journalist friend who wishes to remain anonymous.

I attended the Senate’s select committee fact finding mission in Solai there and guess what is coming out chiefs and DC are involved in an intricate web of stealing from the victims.

The residents openly rebuked chiefs who were present at the event for removing names of genuine victims and adding those of people who were not.

The DC was shouted down by an agitated crowd after he tried to defend his administration by claiming the wananchi were not being honest with their claims.

The local senator Susan Kihika together with the select committee’s chairman Senator Mutula Kilonzo Junior assured residents that they would be duly compensated and that those chiefs involved in any violations would be fired.

The senators were shocked to learn that, Victims who lost loved ones were given 100k while well connected business persons that lost property were awarded compensation amounting to as high as 1million

Those behind it are dangerous. Senators present said they’ve got threats. The local MCA also openly said he had been threatened and intimidated by the local admin.

That corruption seems to go high up to the Nakuru county commissioner.

Locals say food that was donated in hundreds of sacks didn’t get to them the MCA said iron sheets disappeared but when he raised hell some were returned.

The provincial administration seems to be back stronger and dirty like the old kanu days.

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