Three Ways How DP Ruto Dishing Out Millions At Harambees is Immoral, Wicked and Destructive

Three Ways How DP Ruto Dishing Out Millions At Harambees is Immoral, Wicked and Destructive

By Cyprian Nyamwamu

Today is Sunday. Let me make a moral, not legal point about DP Ruto’s dishing out of monies in harambees across the country.
A son of a peasant who has never worked in any known productive sector, since his YK 92 days.. Became MP, then minister in the coalition government days, and then DP with Uhuru;

Then now he has money so plenty that he has billions to give out, allegedly to alleviate poverty, sometimes up to Kshs 22m a week. This dishing out of money in paper bags and briefcases is IMMORAL, wicked and destructive in more than three ways.

A lot of Kenyans give all the time but it’s not for political mileage, public show, self praise but for helping those in need. It must be quiet and not for showing off, the bible requires. This reeks of arrogance and glory seeking. His claim recently that he is investing in heaven brings out the wickedness in it. God is never to be played around with. God is never pleased with things. Why have the pastors and Bishops not spoken about this to guide the people on the morality and proper way of helping without seeking glory from giving? This is bribery and corruption of the society and the citizens’ mind.

The second point is the sacredness of work. It’s evil to have money that is not from work. Where does the DP work to earn this kind of money from that leaves him with billions to dish around freely? Is this not the conduct that has made young people believe that one does not have to work hard, innovate, hold down a career , since they see that connection to power and politics is a easy way to get rich without working? Where are the lessons that teach that work is sacred?

Finally, how come under Kibaki/Raila leadership when we lived within our means the economy was doing well, there was money for businesses and wananchi to borrow and invest, invest, create jobs, cover the national budget, there were no harambees by Kibaki or Raila; in fact Kibaki told off those who went to him for handouts and reminded all and sundry that there is money in banks for people to invest and create wealth; yet now under the Ruto Uhuru administration, we are living outside our means, have to borrow to meet our obligations ( now nearing Kshs 6 trillion), the economy is collapsing, people are being retrenched instead of getting employment and Ruto is doing Harambees to even enable citizens pay for NHIF? Has the Jubilee administration decided to steal everything from us so that we are so poor to the extent where we have to depend on politicians to give us a bit of what they have taken from us so that we can sing and dance for them?

Where is the morality in this arrogant display of power and wealth whose sources cannot be accounted for? Is bribing and treating citizens with riches whose sources are not explained not the height of immorality? God forgive us as a people because I can see idolatry , the worship of money and the individuals who have it, even by Pastors and Bishops , which is weakening the church’s character, stripping the church of it’s moral and spiritual authority, corrupting the nation and weakening the country’s morals and soul. We are destroying our nation and glorifying corruption and immorality. Pointing the youth to the culture of ‘hustling’ and sponsors’ dependence.


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