This Is What Happened Before After Widow of Chris Musando Was Given Government Job

This Is What Happened Before After Widow of Chris Musando Was Given Government Job

By Lucas Owako

Some people are so offended by the fact that the President has appointed the wife of slain Electoral Commission officer, Chris Musando, into the board of some government agency. They have been rioting all over the social media since the announcement. But what has irked me most are these words by Newspaper columnist Rasna Warah: “We don’t mind if you kill our loved ones, just give us a job.” That insensitive swipe betrays the arrogance of activists who think that they know the pain of losing Chris more than Eva, his wife; that their cry for justice is deeper and stronger than those of the deceased’s wife and kids.

Granted, something does not sit very right with a government which at worst facilitated the murder or at best has failed or refused to unravel it, offering a job to the widow. It’s almost a kin to rubbing salt into the wound.

But to those who are condemning Eva Msando, please give the poor widow a break. Who knows as to whether she has not taken the job to pull a “Samson” on her tormentors. But even if not, life sometimes sucks, and we’re forced to do what we have to do, not what we want to do. Many, in desperate circumstances, have resorted to prostitution, peddling drugs, robbery etc. Do you know how difficult it would be for the name “Msando” to pass the shortlisting stage in any job application process, in this country where jobs are increasingly rare? Kwani what do these people want the lady to do? If sitting on that board gives her 100,000 shillings in a year, what better option has anyone offered her?

To those self righteous but heartless defenders of “justice”, I ask: How many of you know whether Msando’s kids are in school this term, and the same ones they used to be in? Did they retain the same house they stayed in? Is his mother’s medication catered for?

By the way, did the government finally pay Kenneth Matiba’s compensation for his slow murder and bankruptcy? Is Edith okay? Beyond the token mentions in the media, does anyone have any idea how they are, after the court cases were argued and determined in their favour but not honoured by the government?

By the way, did the kids of Prof Odhiambo Mbayi, who was killed during the Constitution review process, finish school? Has his wife remained sane and steady? Do they have a house?

By the way, what became of the fearless Chelagat Mutai? The last time I saw her picture, she was in a wheel chair, being hosted by someone. Was it in an SQ?

By the way, did anyone ever swing a few coins towards the parents of Titus Adungosi? Is the family of George Moseti Anyona making ends meet?

One day, in this life (hopefully) or in the next, justice will be served. Till then, I wish Eva could pursue justice, militantly if need be. But she has a greater obligation: To put food on the table for Chris’s kids, and keep them alive if she can.

Before we berate her for taking a government job, we could spare a thought for those kids, and for the feeling that lady must be having every time she sees the logo (Court of Arms) of the government of the republic of Kenya.

Be kind, guys; be merciful, ye defenders of “justice”!


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