There is something about Gideon Moi that scares DP Ruto to death.


By Anwar Sadat

There is something about Gideon Moi that scares Ruto to death. At the mention of his name, there is always an expression of trepidation and anger that runs through Ruto’s face. His countenance change and you can easily see through his facade of self confidence, exposing a man struggling with insecurities.

I have never understood what it is.

When compared to Gideon Moi, Ruto always goes an extra mile to prove to all that he is better than Moi Junior. He once told us how he is circumcised but Gideon is not.

Whatever it is, it is consuming Ruto and wearing him out. Nothing tells the story of a man’s health like their skin. And watching Ruto’s interview yesterday, I felt sorry for him.

He is a man desperately seeking approval, acceptance, and love. It’s very clear the money he has accumulated over the years hasn’t given it to him and even the Presidency or the PhD is desperately looking for will not give it to him.

His face tells the story of a man dying of thirst in a lake; a man encompassed with a great multitude, yet very lonely.

As his interview ended, I remembered the words of Prophet Isaiah:

“The wicked are like troubled sea which can not rest, and it’s waters cast up mire and dirt. There is no peace, say my God, to the wicked.”

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