There Is Reason Behind Raila Support for 8% VAT, He Is a Consistent Panel Beater of Vehicle Kenya.

There Is Reason Behind Raila Support for 8% VAT, He Is a Consistent Panel Beater of Vehicle Kenya.

By Wafula Buke

Raila Odinga; a Consistent Panel Beater of Vehicle Kenya.

1. By 1990s, Vehicle Kenya had one major dent: the historical Luo/GEMA hostility. It served Moi well. Moi took advantage of it and perpetuated his leadership. Raila, the panel beater, hammered the wounded Luo to support his endorsement of Matiba for president to cure the national fracture and save the nation from Moi. Their partnership was called “Solidarity Alliance.” Matiba failed him by refusing to run for president in the 1997 polls. The Gema refused to appreciate Raila’s gesture when he ran for president in Matiba’s stead.

2. 2002. Once again he hammered all communities together singlehandedly under Kibaki. The subsequent inclusive government gave us a taste of the fruits of a united people. Raila was a panel beater in this grand initiative that the coalition’s flag bearer betrayed once he occupied the seat of power.

3. 2007. Raila’s Moment to finalize project united Kenya came when he won the election. Indeed, the vehicle was fully panel beaten, ready for spraying. He would preside over it himself. The devil refused to hand over delaying and finally derailing the execution of the project.

4. 2013 and beyond, Mount Kenya has continuously betrayed the nation and played selfish, this time enjoying partnership with a huge section of the Kalenjin nation. The dents on the vehicle obviously worsened. For the first time the nation was facing secession as a viable option.

5. 2018, Kenya as a massively dented vehicle needed commensurately massive panel beating which in our context is exerting the full force of the consequences of criminal governance for the nation to rediscover itself. We may just act as a united entity as was demonstrated in parliament when shared economic pain brought all the leaders together regardless of their ethnic affiliation.

6. Two more years of “uhurutonomics” and we as a people will unite to save ourselves from the enemies we all know.

7. By the way, Raila can never run out of bullets. He manufactures them


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