The Week That Was; Baba In Migori, Kidero’s 9Billion Net Worth And Much More…

The Week That Was; Baba In Migori, Kidero’s 9Billion Net Worth And Much More…

By J Ogola

The peasant farmers of Mumias whose livelihood depended entirely on cane farming, the citizens who provided labour to the sugar firm in exchange for wages to sustain their families and the entire neighborhood who derived their livelihood from the vibrancy of the factory that is now in the graveyard, can clearly see where their money went

The white collar thief from Asumbi stole the money, and took it to Nairobi where he used part of the money to buy the Nairobi gubernatorial position, to at least get an platform to extend his expertise in stealing

He has money and property stashed in several accounts in the country and abroad which EACC officials are engaging in a ping pong, scaring him with arrests and prosecutions, just to get a bite of the stolen binge

If EACC was honest, it would’ve bitten him long ago, even without any barking

Kenya should choose a hill for a Golgotha, and frog march all thieves of public funds there, for a date with the wooden cross. We shouldn’t play dead, and be silent, like a Sharon, a “mpango wa kando” does, when the genuine wife calls her husband, while the husband and latter are busy, horizontally

Corruption has been entrenched into the system, and just like colonialism, a crime perpetrated by those who make and implement the laws, it has become resistant to the criminal justice system and Kenyans must arm themselves with pangas and lynch a few Kideros to take the menace

In other news, the Kurias in Migori love Obado because they do not like Raila and there exists an unwritten law which says an enemy to your enemy must become your friend

On the other hand they are acting Mzee Moi, by praying that Obado is found guilty, and sentenced to hang, or something like that, for their son, currently serving as DG to become a governor, the same way Kenyatta had to die for Moi to be president

Elections in Kenya is more of a populations census, a competition for numerical superiority among the participating ethnic groups

The Kurias are just like the Keiyos. In Elgeyo Marakwet County, they are outnumbered by the Marakwet and in Uasin Gishu, they are outnumbered by the Nandi, and for them to win governorship in any of the two counties, a Mandago or Tolgos must die

Alternatively, they can pull out an Ojaamong, a Teso,who outfoxed the majority Luhyas to be governor for two terms, first riding on a negotiated democracy and secondly, employing a Shekhar Mehta tactics of using a jet engine in his rally car to enable his fly past his opponents in the race, as we were told in our childhood

Remember the Tharaka Nithi of Teso North and South during the ODM nominations?

Great evening my fellow hoof eaters!!


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