The Next Revolution Will Be Organised On Whatsapp

The Next Revolution Will Be Organised On Whatsapp

By E Njega

Those who tell us to stop agitating for change online and head to the streets miss the point by a wide margin. Just because streets were popular in the 90’s doesn’t mean that is the only way today.

The next revolution in this country will be driven by social media. I have nearly 20,000 followers on this forum and can communicate to a large population of that at nearly no cost and at a fraction of the time it would take on the streets.

Over 80% of our population is aged below 40 years. The internet is their main mode of accessing information.

We must move with the times. When the time comes for people to flood the streets in protest there will be no need for mobilization. The communication we have undertaken over the years will soon bear fruit.

Today, the mainstream media is full of self-censorship. Social media affords us the chance to put our message across without the risk of it being killed by a bribed journalist.

Communication is about passing the message. Whether you do that online or offline is a non-issue. Besides if you support the cause for good governance and a brighter future for this country you should support any effort towards that. You should be concerned about the what and not the how.


Some morons think that anyone who opposes Raila and his handshake shortcuts voted for Jubilee. These are the fools who believe that our names betray us.

I will stop engaging some characters. Thuraku is a thuraku whether in NASA or Jubilee and must not be entertained.

Jubilee and Raila are now a package and must be criticized as such. If you are uncomfortable with that you can avoid me.

Don’t engage me to perpetuate the tribal hero worship that we have been fighting over the last six years and expect to get away with it.


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