The Fall Of An Empire

The Fall Of An Empire

By Kiberenge Jnr

Obado is done- completely done. A family empire he has build over the last six years as a Governor has collapsed within one week. The last nail in his coffin is the freezing of several off shore bank accounts in the names of close family members stashed with billions. It is said one account in Australia is holding a collosal 2.5b!. If Sharon failed to bring Obado down while she was alive, she has successfully done it in her death. That he collapsed in a police cell while his son Dan Totto attempted suicide was bound to happen.

Obado started off as a very humble man of cant-harm-a-fly demeanour. With time,he infiltrated the ODM networks and easily got the ticket to contest as governor.The Migori County Government became Obado’s family empire and crossing his path was suicidal for any one. His family members and allies shamelessly built mansions and drove show room land cruisers and prados . His contempt for humanity and arrogance grew in leaps and bounds as his money and power emboldened him to run roughshod over every one.

Back to Sharon’s brutal murder. At the initial stages, there were suggestions by Obado’s sympathizers that there was political play to finish him. But that line of thinking has since been discounted by shocking revelations of detectives to the extend that Obado was personally at the scene of the murder on the material day. Safaricom’s clonning of Obado’s movements on that day as well as the confession of the tax driver who drove him to the scene have placed him at the centre of the murder. The DNA results that revealed the foetus was his was not a basis to connect him to the murder in any way. The trail of evidence in the murder was too glaring that any lay man investigating it would put Obado at the centre of the crime.

Cliff Ombeta is a reputable criminal lawyer who has a rich track track record of handling very high profile murder cases which other lawyers would be scared to handle. But the awkward manner in which Sharon’s murder was executed leaving behind a trail of evidence has left him flipp flopping in press conferences struggling to piece together a defence.

For Obado, it is a double tragedy of some sorts. If he manages to get bail in the murder case, EACC sleuths will be waiting to pounce on him outside the courts and lock him up to face various economic crime charges.
Obado is done
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