The Day Mama Ida Odinga Rescued Boxing Legend Conjestina Achieng From Near Death



By Osborn Yogo via FB

September 5th, 2012, Dr. Ida Odinga in the company of balozi Yvonne Khamati makes way to Baba Dogo to visit the then ailing Conjestina Achieng’s humble abode. The story of her deteriorating mental health had hit headlines forcing search for immediate medical and financial help. I do not have to explain the relationship between Ida and H. E. Raila A. Odinga.

The hash tags #ConjeWillBeOk and #KOT4Conje had managed to raise a minimal Ksh. 55,000 (fifty five thousand) only. Dr. Odinga, wife of Kenya’s 2nd Prime Minister and the larger Odinga family put their best foot forward in saving the sporting icon. I honestly believe that Sonko would have not had his day of fame today had these leaders not intervened then … Conjestina Achieng’ would have probably not lived to see the visit of Governor 047 (… And I said, probably).

I am also aware of other leaders from the larger Nyanza region who have in one way or the other reached out to Conje without going public. We have forgotten the contributions of people like Ndambuki (Churchill), Nonini, Kidero etc.

Whereas Governor Sonko’s efforts are appreciated and applauded, it is distasteful overlooking earlier efforts that have been made in getting the boxing superstar some help … Great efforts made by Kenyans of good will like then nominated Kisumu MCA Faridah Salim.

Raila Odinga has never been in the business of publishing his help to Kenyans and I would therefore not go into the much that has gone from him in helping Conje. Those closer to him can most probably let the country into his great investment in Kenyans, Achieng’ being one of them.

We must therefore avoid misrepresenting facts as to claim no help has been availed for the ailing boxer.

Let me wish the legend God speed and hope to see her back in good health to attend to her family.


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