The Dangerous Gang Allegedly Linked to Obado’s Aides

The Dangerous Gang Allegedly Linked to Obado’s Aides

Details have emmerged of a feared gang in Migori that is allegedly to connected to Governor Okoth Obado’s aides some of whom are in police custody for the murder of Sharon Otieno.

4 aides are in custody while others have been quizzed or identified as persons of interest in the homicide case.

According to the Sunday Nation, the gang known as Sangwenya Squad claims allegiance to Obado and has in the last few years instilled fear in Migori County and surrounding areas.

Governor Okoth Obado’s personal assistant Michael Oyamo

Michael Oyamo, a former navy officer, is largely viewed as the leader of the group and is described as a reserved but ruthlessly efficient and trusted lieutenant ready to defend the governor’s interests at any cost.

Others in the squad include Elvis Okoth Omondi, Obado’s personal bodyguard and Naphtali Odie, the governor’s brother-in- law, reported to be a former police officer.

Also in the circle is Caspal Obiero, officially enlisted as a clerk at the county but whose job description is alleged to extend to “law enforcement” duties.

Obado’s publicity team of Olivia Oloo and Lilian Wema have been adverserly implicated in the case with the car used in the murder traced back to Oloo who is Oyamo’s wife.

The gang operates like the county government’s department of defence and interior at the same time,” a victim of the group told the Nation.

So feared is the group that in some restaurants they have reserved tables that no one dares use, claimed a businessman in Migori Town.

Omondi Elvis and Caspal Obiero in court

Migori County CID boss Benedict Kigen remarked he is aware of the group but is unaware of their criminal activities.

I have heard of the name Sangwenya but I only know them as youths hooked to politicians for handouts.

I am not aware of their criminal acts. If they are involved in crime, then maybe they do it elsewhere and they are not common,” he mentioned.

Sangwenya is a group of youths and it operates in Migori and some of its members campaigned for the governor. But it is not true that the governor’s aides are part of Sangwenya,” Obado’s spokesman Nicholas Anyuor stated.


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