The Curse Of Betraying Musando Catches Up With Ezra Chiloba, SACKED From IEBC, Loses All Benefit

The Curse Of Betraying Musando Catches Up With Ezra Chiloba, SACKED From IEBC, Loses All Benefit

The sly Mr Clever, know it all Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) CEO Ezra Chiloba has been fired, the curse of betraying Chris Musando and also disrespecting Raila finally caught with shy sheepish, girl-like boy from Kwanza Trans-Nzoia.

In a statement he shared on his social media handles titled “announcing my firing”, Chiloba said that it was not a surprise to him as his fate had been sealed and the investigation was done as only a ‘formality’.

“I received the employment termination letter signed by the Chairman about an hour ago. The letter claims that I had twice been invited to appear before the disciplinary committee of the Commission, but I failed to show up; hence the decision to terminate my employment,” stated disgruntled Chiloba.

However, the CEO says that at the time of the summons, he was away attending classes at
the University of Oxford, where he is pursuing an MSc in Major Programme Management.

“I communicated my unavailability to Commissioners through the Chairman’s Office via
email. While at school, I read in the media, the development of my being sacked, a decision that was later rescinded and communicated through the same channel,”
he adds.

Chiloba was later invited to a disciplinary meeting that was held on October 11, to defend himself but failed to appear on grounds that the “proceeding was questionable”.

Despite saying that his dismisal, Chiloba did not express intention to pursue the matter in court as he has been doing after he was sent on a compulsory leave.

“My employment termination should not be seen as an issue of my person but that of the
holder of the office. It brings to focus the major governance crisis at the IEBC; an issue
that will affect even the next office holder if the matter is not addressed,” he says.

Chiloba was sent on compulsory leave early this year, pending an audit on procurement of election materials used in 2017 elections.

IEBC is however yet to release official statement with regard to the firing of the CEO.


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