Tanga Tanga Squad Will be DP Ruto’s Downfall- Mt. Kenya Leaders Claim

Why Uhuru Cancelled Jubilee Parliamentary Meeting

The only political debt we should pay as Mt Kenya residents and Kenyans at large is for President Uhuru Kenyatta to crackdown on corruption.

The political debt we should pay is to ensure we embrace former Prime Minister Raila Odinga, ANC leader Musalia Mudavadi, Wiper’s Kalonzo Musyoka, Ford Kenya’s Moses Wetangula, ODM deputy Hassan Joho and other political players in every part of the country whose mandate has been given by people democratically.

The other political debt we have to pay is to ensure Uhuru succeeds at this time. If Uhuru doesn’t succeed, he will not influence Mt Kenya region. If Uhuru succeeds it will be easy.

Uhuru will only lift his hand and ask, have I delivered my promise? We will say yes. If he acknowledges he has fulfilled his legacy and says can you allow my deputy William Ruto to complete other plans, we shall say yes. The biggest debt we should pay, therefore, is to give Uhuru maximum support to deliver.

In 2012 Ruto and Uhuru embraced each other. 2013 election was like that of 2002 where Raila played a key role for a peaceful transition. If the trio walk together in 2018, Kenya will leap forward in a very big way.

The sarcasm and mocking of the President by those known to be close to DP is daily worsening the political situation within Jubilee.

Democracy doesn’t mean ridiculing a President on a mission to heal and progress a country bedeviled by corruption, tribalism, intolerance and questions on inclusivity.

Reducing the question of 2022 succession politics to one ethnic group shows intolerance and impatience and this can only be politically suicidal.

This country has 43 ethnic groups, why are people not asking if the DP is going to be voted for by the Luhya community and Coast communities that voted overwhelmingly for opposition. Also, why are we ignoring the historically vibrant Luo community?

The cabal of sycophants presently enjoying trappings of goodies is blind to realities of politics. You cannot open many battle fronts at the same time.

It is like kicking ten balls into the net simultaneously with one foot and expecting to singularly score all of them. Focus on one thing. And that thing is the President’s Big Four agenda, subject to crashing graft and building bridges to a New Kenya.

Please Mr DP, disband Tangatanga movement. It is a disgraceful, cacophonous self-serving troop.

They are debit! Support UhuRao to implement UhuRuto agenda. You’ll thank me later, Sir.

BY HON Kabando wa Kabando,

Courtesy, The Star

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