Suna East MP Junet Mohamed Confirms Lawyer Ahmednasir is a Jubilee Member


National Assembly Minority Whip Junet Mohamed on Saturday revealed that Senior Counsel Ahmednasir Abdullahi is a member of the ruling administration, Jubilee party. 

In a conversation with the Advocate, the ODM leader captioned a video of someone watching a football match wearing a jersey that belongs to his team, but at the end of the game his team loses and he removes the t-shirt clapping for the winning team of which he had its jersey beneath the first top.

Junet, tagging the Senior Counsel noted: “This is how some people want to behave in their parties. No need of having political parties @ahmednasirlaw.”

Responding to the lawmaker’s comment, Ahmednasir exclaimed: “Hon Junnet I totally agree with you. That is why we welcomed you and BABA to JUBILEE and create a strong party to implement the four agendas and also for 2022.”


However, Junet wondered at how Ahmednasir outrightly declared that he welcomed the Opposition party to the Jubilee camp yet he has previously been recorded denying that he belongs to Jubilee.

“SC how can you welcome us to Jubilee… I thought there a difference of representing a client in court and being a member.. Now I know you are a member of Jubilee.. what position do you hold?? Last time I checked I didn’t see your name..” Junet stated.

In his defense, Ahmednasir advised Junet not to be so comfortable when invited in the neighbour’s home since all he needs to do is appreciate the good gesture of hospitality.

“Hon Junet…please…please… when you seek accommodation in your neighbour’s (Jubilee) home and you are given a nice welcome and accommodation don’t do a headcount or gather intelligence on the household…just enjoy your accommodation and stay,” the Senior Counsel warned.

“Don’t worry SC. we are not coming to displace you if that could be the worry. Our boundaries and stay are governed by the MOU… but I didn’t see you even in the servant quarters leave alone in the living room!!!” Junet noted.

Netizens, were also surprised when Ahmednasir noted that he is a member of the Jubilee party with one user stating, “WE?????. Didn’t know you are Jubilee.”


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