Students Advised on Sale of Purported 2018 KCSE Exam Leakage

Students Advised on Sale of Purported 2018 KCSE Exam Leakage

Education Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohammed has cautioned students against purchasing purported leakage of the 2018 Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) examination.

Amina asserted that no one had access to the exam papers, telling students to report anyone purporting to sell leaked papers to the police.

“Anyone who comes to you please send them away; call the police don’t let them ruin your future,” she told candidates at Mang’u High School.

She lamented that in years past, students capable of passing the exam had gotten their results cancelled after they wrote wrong answers as a result of confusion brought about by leaked papers.

Amina asserted that the playing field in national exams needed to be leveled to ensure hard work was rewarded.


“We must make sure that the exams are a reflection of your hard work. I don’t want anybody to cheat you that they know what will be in those exam papers.

“I can tell you tell you today and without any fear of contradiction that nobody in this country knows what [will] be in the exam papers,” she stated.

Amina was attending the launch of the Kijani movement by the Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA), an initiative aimed at planting fruit trees in schools around the country as part of efforts to achieve 10 percent forest cover.

Mango, orange and avocado trees were among 400 trees planted at the school during the launch.

The initiative is also meant to diversify school meals to meet higher nutritional standards.

In addition, Bidco CEO Vimal Shah promised that the private sector would guarantee a ready market for excess fruits produced by schools.


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