Stop Mocking DP Ruto for ReLaunching Old Projects In Nyanza, Your Governors Killed Devolution


By Anwar Sadat and Albert

Rather than castigating Ruto for coming to launch or relaunch projects in Nyanza, our Nyanza leaders should launch the devolution projects they are carrying in their stomachs, since we cannot see any project they have done on the ground.

We, the youths from Nyanza seem not to understand the meaning of democracy. We squander and fail at every available opportunity to rewrite our ugly history of our generation. Democracy is not just glorifying an individual even when he is on the wrong.

Because of sycophancy, we have become too pedestrian in our thought process. We moonlight in unnecessary tasks and dwell in a misplaced priority in the name of loyalty to the so called political kingpin.

For instance, we take it so social media to insult and governor Sonko because he did to one of our own, what our lord has failed to do. We have foolishly become the willing tools in the hands of a man who was once called the lord of poverty.

What we are forgetting is, corruption thrives when we remain docile and apathetic to how we are governed and misused. For want of immediacies, we have run out of imagination and temperament to peruse our lives; see beyond the present and gaze into the future.

If we want to be respected, we must be principled and result oriented. We must respect ourselves first and appreciate those that help us where our leaders have failed. If we want to help ourselves, we must portray ourselves as a set of no-nonsense humans when it comes to standing for our rights and protecting the rights of our people.

We must strongly believe in the content of our character and have faith in our moral conviction. This is to say, we must appreciate those who are there for us when our leaders fail us. As they say “When the leader does not address the problem, the problem becomes the leader and the leader becomes the problem”

Take for instance if someone offers to help eradicate the hyacinth in Lake Victoria, we must appreciate it regardless of whether Baba approves it or not. That is the only way we can grow as a region.


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