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Speaker Muturi Explains Why He Passed Uhuru’s Finance Bill

Speaker Muturi Explains Why He Passed Uhuru’s Finance Bill

Speaker Muturi Explains Why He Passed Uhuru’s Finance Bill – kenyagist.com

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  • National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi Twitter

  • National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi has come out to explain why he passed the controversial VAT proposal by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

    Muturi was replying to vocal lawyer Ahmednasir Abdulahhi discontent with the chaotic parliament proceedings exhibited by members in the House.

    The passage of law in one way or the other,entails strategy &numbers upon its proponents.The Speaker’s role is limited to oversighting, as per the Standing orders.

    Lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi

    To veto the President’s memo is like changing the Constitution which requires ingenuity and tact,” Muturi mentioned in a tweet.

    The advocate had faulted Muturi for the scenes witnessed noting that his actions to see the bill sail through despite obvious opposition was a dangerous precedent and signal of things to come.

    “Considering the many malfeasances committed by parliament under the watchful authority of speaker Justin Muturi, I take no pride in variously predicting the perilous trajectory he always puts our beloved country,” he remarked.

    He went further to suggest that the only way to stop the Speaker from acting against the will of the people was ejection via the courts.

    Following the passing of Uhuru’s tax proposals, a section Members of Parliament threatened to impeach the Speaker for what they termed as the imposition of the bill on them.

    Addressing the press, the MPs cited dictatorship and strong-arming in the manner the proposals were passed.

    On his part Majority Leader Aden Duale dared his colleagues to impeach Muturi exuding confidence that such a move would be unsuccessful.

    Majority leader Aden Duale and Minority counterpart John Mbadi in parliament
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