South Sudanese General Awet Akot to Take Legal Action Over Being Linked to Monica Kimani

South Sudanese General Awet Akot to Take Legal Action Over Being Linked to Monica Kimani

South Sudanese Presidential Adviser General Awet Akot who is claimed to be the reason behind the wealth of the slain Kilimani businesswoman Monica Kimani, is set to take legal action over being falsely linked to her.

Speaking to Standard, Deng Aoch who is the Executive manager of his office, stated that the South Sudanese government had lodged an official complaint with Kenya’s embassy in Juba.

General Akot who was present during the phone call, assured the journalists that he will pursue legal action over the matter.

South Sudanese Presidential Adviser Awet Akot during a government function

“None of these things you are hearing are associated to me, but I am not in a position to speak about them now,” stated Akot.

The General further refuted claims of ever knowing or working with Monica and disassociated himself with being linked to her murder.

Aoch speaking on behalf of Akot denied claims of the general owning property in Nairobi that was under the supervision of Monica.

“The general does not own a single iron sheet in Nairobi. If he owns anything it is in South Sudan and this is well known,” remarked Aoch.

Concerned members of the Trans National Assembly through a press conference came to Akot’s defence stating that the claims were a disgrace towards the general.

“An insult to the General is an insult to the family and the government which we serve,” read the statement.

Three days ago, Monica’s father Bishop Ngarama, had admitted that the former war lord was ‘very close’ to the family.

Monica Kimani’s Parents

Close relatives and friends claimed that the reason the family’s fortune improved was due to the relationship between Monica and Akot.


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