Sonko Urges Police to Deal With Suspects Professionally

Sonko Urges Police to Deal With Suspects Professionally

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko on Saturday made a passionate plea to Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet in regards to how criminals were handled by officers.

Speaking during National Police Service Customer Service week at Railway Club, Sonko urged the police to deal with suspects professionally.

“While we support your battle against crime, I urge you to exercise restraint and avoid extrajudicial killings. As much as you can, let suspects be arraigned in court so that the law can take its course.

He also sent an appeal to the Judiciary stating, “I at the same time appeal to the judiciary not to be too willing to grant bail to repeat offenders who return to the community only to commit more crime. It is frustrating to law enforcement agencies to keep arresting the same suspects over and over,” he added.

Governor Mike Sonko with IG Joseph Boinnet at the Police customer service week at Railways club on 8/12/2018

The Governor hailed his administration’s working relations with the police conveying that the link had helped to improve security in the capital city. 

“At Nairobi City County Government we have enjoyed a fruitful relationship with the police. Security agencies are very cooperative in assisting our County enforcement officers, and for that, we are grateful. Security is not a devolved function. Police are still responsible for dealing with crime in our streets and residential estates.

“So far, we have collaborated well. When we had an increase of muggings in the CBD, police worked with my administration to quickly address the menace and restore public confidence,” he explained.

 Sonko affirmed that his cash offer to police officers who deal with gangsters responsible for a series of robberies in Nairobi, including in M-Pesa outlets still stands. 

“My offer still stands as we join hands to root out crime from Nairobi especially during this festive season,” he stated.

On his part, Boinnet thanked Governor Sonko for his good working relationship with the security agencies in improving the state of security in Nairobi. Boinet also added that the police service week would be an annual event to ensure police connect with the public. 

Governor Mike Sonko and Inspector General Joseph Boinnet


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