Sonko Ruffles up Jubilee by Demanding that Corrupt CSs to Resign


Never known to mince his words, Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has asked Cabinet secretaries whose ministries have been implicated in corruption to step aside.

Then he left friend and foe wondering about his stand in the war on corruption by lambasting the Judiciary for denying the suspects bail.

“Let me state that I wholly support the President in his fight against corruption, but my basic understanding of the law is that everyone is presumed innocent until proven otherwise. In 2010, we passed a Constitution that guarantees the rights of everyone and we should not, therefore, break the same law in the name of fighting corruption “ Mr Sonko said

But it is by asking CSs to step aside pending investigations, making him the topmost person in the Jubilee administration to do so, that Mr Sonko has surprised many.

Among the Cabinet Secretaries whose ministries have been implicated in recent corruption are Ms Sicily Kariuki (NYS), Mwangi Kiunjuri (NCPB) and Charles Keter (Kenya Power, Kenya Pipeline and Ketraco).

Mr Sonko said corruption should not be fought “selectively” and asked CSs whose ministries have been implicated in past and present scandals to step aside until they are cleared.

“I know that, because there is currently no opposition in the county, people are afraid of speaking the truth. I was not born a coward and will, therefore, speak the truth,” he said.

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