Somalia Relocates Air Control Tower From Nairobi to Mogadishu


The Somali government has permanently shut down an operating base in Nairobi where its air control tower was located.

The office was closed and relocated to Somali’s fully refurbished Aden Abdule International Airport having been situated in Kenya’s capital for nearly 30 years.

A state aviation controller with the Somali Civil Aviation and Metrology Authority stated: “We are pleased to announce that from today onwards the office operating in Nairobi has been closed and work will resume from Somalia. Somalia’s airspace will be controlled within Somalia after nearly 30 years.”

Similarly, the Somali’s Minister of Transport and Civil Aviation Transport, Mohamed Salah was optimistic that the move would help the country grow economically as it facilitates increased revenues.


The relocation has been months in the planning since the government officially opened the Aden Abdule International airport after regaining control of the city from Al Shabaab militants.

34 air control personnel were in March moved to Mogadishu to set the stage for the shift.

Somali has been inflicted with civil wars since the early 1990s that had seen the rise of militant groups.

The United Nations through the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) took over the air controls for the country running it jointly with Somali Civil Aviation and Metrology Authority (SCAMA) in Nairobi.

The ICAO has been collecting revenues on behalf of the Somali government.

Following the intervention of African Union peace-keeping forces, the militants were ousted of key states in the country.


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