Simple Ways You Can Use To Raise Your Self Esteem Everyday


By Trisha

A good Self esteem is when you feel good about yourself and start being optimistic; When all those positive thoughts show dominance over the negative thoughts.

Self esteem issues make it harder for you to succeed and be good at what you do. How do you raise your self esteem and make life easier?

1. Stop comparing yourself to others.
Focus on being the best you that you can be without comparing yourself to others. There will always be that person better than you so comparing yourself will just put you at a losing end.

Even if you are not getting any promotions, stop thinking that the rest are better than you.

2. Compliment yourself regularly.
Look in the mirror and say something you like about yourself. Many times, we’re quick to compliment others on their success but hesitate to do the same for ourselves. Its time you start appreciating yourself.

Affirmations can be a good way to express positive feelings about you. For example, “I am beautiful. I am self driven.”

3. Say goodbye to negativity.
Let go of those negative people in your life. Negative people tend to put your ideas down and you end up feeling discouraged and worthless. It is time to walk away from that friend who said you will never find a good job because you are short.

4. Focus on your accomplishments.
Forgive yourself for mistakes and focus on the positive by celebrating your victories. Make a list of you past successes and look at them. It will create a good feeling inside you. It will be a source of encouragement; proof that you can do great things in your life.

5. Make a list of your positive qualities.
Make a list of 20 positive qualities about yourself. A majority of people deal with their inadequacies for long that they forget their positive traits.
Those positive traits are a ladder to a huge self esteem.

6. Live Your Life
Live the life that you want and how you want to live it and not as others want you to live it. Making decisions according to friends and relatives is damaging your self esteem.

7. Find something special in each day.
Some days will turn out to be bad but you can find something special. Treat yourself with that new shoe you saw by the street yesterday.

8. Eat better.
Nourish your body by buying healthier foods and preparing balanced meals. This will help you not to feel sluggish and overstuffed.

9. Explore a passion.
Whether it’s a side job, hobby, or as a volunteer, pursuing your passion in even a small way can lead to a sense of purpose and significantly improve your overall happiness and quality of life.

10. Reduce sensitivity to the negative remarks people say.
Let go as easily as those remarks were made. People make inconsiderate and insensitive remarks and ignoring such remarks and taking them as not being true. If you desire to change let it be on your terms and not what somebody else has said about you

11. Give up on the stressing and worrying.
Through this you beat yourself up and they will just sip that self esteem out of you leaving you drained, anxious and feeling stuck. Tell yourself that you are special. You are not on earth by chance or by accident, there is a purpose for you on earth. Do not put yourself down.
Challenge yourself to move forward. Start achieving things and see the difference. Trust your abilities, qualities and judgment

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