Senior Magistrate Refuses to Hear Rape Case Involving Minor in Makueni


A Senior Magistrate on Wednesday withdrew himself from a rape case in Makueni stating it made him uncomfortable.

Magistrate Charles Mayamba recused himself from the trial of a teacher Mathew Muumbu accused of defiling and impregnating a minor.

“I feel uncomfortable hearing your case; I want to refer you to another court,” Mayamba stated at Kilungu Law Courts.

The Magistrate stated that his decision was influenced by the fact that he had ruled on a related case involving the same girl.


Muumbu is one of 21 men accused of defiling the 16-year old girl. 

Also on trial is Makueni county official, Paul Musau.

Earlier last week, Mayamba jailed one of the men Nzomo Mang’atha for life after finding him guilty of defiling the girl and helping her get an abortion.

He explained that some of the sentiments made in that ruling could affect the current case against Muumbu.

The teacher was released on a Ksh.500,000 bond and his trial is scheduled to resume on July 24 at Makundu Law Courts.



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