Senator Kimani Wamatangi Reveals PSVs Most Prone To Accidents

Senator Kimani Wamatangi Reveals PSVs Most Prone To Accidents

Kiambu Senator Kimani Wamatangi on Thursday revealed the group of public services vehicles (PSVs) most prone to accidents.

According to Wamatangi, matatus charging lower fares are likely to cause more accidents.

In his view, lower charges mean that some things like safety, comfort and roadworthiness of the vehicle are compromised.

“When a passenger goes the cheap way it means that the crew will use that against them to overload the vehicle,” Wamatangi stated.

His statement came a few hours after a grisly Wednesday morning accident claimed 56 lives in Kericho.  

The government has vowed to pursue the owners of the ill-fated vehicle with intention to charge them in court.

Senator Mutula Kilonzo Jr,‏ however, opined that charging the owners was not enough.

“The bus was not insured. Families are exposed. His assets should be seized by process referred to as Mareva Injuction – freezing of assets pending determination of the cases,” he added.

On her part, Busia Woman Representative has Florence Mutua has called for the arrest and prosecution of NTSA boss Francis Meja after the latter revealed that ill-fated bus was not licensed to operate at night.

On Wednesday evening, police in Kakamega had arrested Cleophas Toto Shimanyula and Benard Ishindu Shitiabayi, who are the owners of the bus which was ferrying passengers from Nairobi.


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