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Safaricom Announces Exclusive Opportunity for Women

Safaricom Announces Exclusive Opportunity for Women

Safaricom Announces Exclusive Opportunity for Women – kenyagist.com

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  • Telecommunications powerhouse Safaricom has announced an exclusive opportunity for women in conjunction with a UK-based firm.

    Safaricom has entered a deal with a UK-based organisation to provide mentorship in a bid to increase the number of women in leadership positions at the firm.

    The programme dubbed Mowgli Mentorship will coach 15 Safaricom female staff members to become impactful mentors.

    Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore

    The number will be matched with two mentees over a period of a year, totalling 30 future leaders.

    Our women in leadership programme helps enhance capacity building for our women as we prepare women leadership pipeline for the 50:50 senior management gender representation agenda by 2020,” stated resources manager Paul Kasimu.

    In the 2018 annual report, Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore mentioned that the telco group had already achieved a 1:1 male to female employee ratio.

    He, however, noted there is a need to create more opportunities for more women to transition into leadership positions.

    Data indicates that only 25 per cent of executive leadership and 32 per cent of senior management were female.

    According to a recent study by the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS), only a third of Kenyans in formal employment are women.

    The survey showed that modern or formal sector employment had 880,000 women compared to 1.68 million men in 2016.

    The study titled Women and Men in Kenya released in February further revealed the presence of fewer women than men at the top of corporate boardrooms.

    Kenyan women working in the field
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