Ruto’s Sends Lapdog MP Sudi to Trash Lifestyle Audit but Uhuru Must Stand Firm

Ruto’s Sends Lapdog MP Sudi to Trash Lifestyle Audit but Uhuru Must Stand Firm

By AB Murage:

‪Mr. William Ruto sends Oscar Sudi to reply to Uhuru’s call for lifestyle audit. Literally, Sudi says Uhuru should begin with his father Jomo before asking others to account for what they own. I think this is stale. Uhuru MUST deal with thieves in his government without fear of being reminded what his father did. PERIOD.

Ruto lieutenant Kapsaret MP Oscar Sudi wants the lifestyle audit ordered by the President to include an inspection of the wealth acquired by Uhuru’s father, founding President Jomo Kenyatta.

The statement by the two-term lawmaker is considered a dig at the President, since his family is among the wealthiest in Kenya.

“I saw the the other day that the President said we should do a lifestyle audit. We are supporting the President 100 per cent. Even me Sudi, I should be audited from the time I was a tout till now when I am MP. They should also audit my father when he was a cook at Moi University till now. Everybody should accept that audit,” he said on Saturday.

“Let it [the lifestyle audit] start with Jomo [Uhuru’s father] himself, then come right up to you [Uhuru]”.

If JM Kariuki, Musa Amalemba, Harry Thuku, Oginga Odinga, Njoroge Mungai, Charles Njonjo, JD Otiende, Jackson Angaine, Ronald Ngala, Stanley Oleitiptip, Bruce McKenzie, Daniel Moi, and others did not hold Jomo Kenyatta accountable for his thefts and atrocities that he may have committed in his 1963-78 regime, that’s upon them for letting it happen. If they chose to eat with him, shame on them, be they dead or alive.

If Uhuru will not deal with thefts in his current government because he fears that Sudi and others may ask him to account for what his father did, it will not only be a shame on him but he will be held accountable by Kenya. It will be a shame on us as well if we don’t ask questions.

Lets not twist stories in the war on corruption. It only gives the thieves a chance to keep what doesn’t belong to them while Kenya continues to beg.

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