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Rotten Fish From China Busted in Eldoret

Rotten Fish From China Busted in Eldoret

Rotten Fish From China Busted in Eldoret – kenyagist.com

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  • A lorry ferrying rotten fish allegedly from China was seized by police and several suspects arrested.

    The lorry was offloading at a garage located near Action area along the Eldoret-Iten road before Uasin Gishu governor Jackson Mandago spotted it.

    Mandago stated that he spotted the lorry on Friday evening on his way home and confronted the owners.

    The Uasin Gishu Couty boss stated that he found them offloading fish suspected to have been sneaked into the country.

    An official displays part of the fish consignment seized in Eldoret on September 14th

    He summoned the police, officials from the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) and the Kenya Burea of Standards (KEBS) officials who found some of the fish was rotten.

    Mandago stated: “I saw the lorry parked on a pedestrian lane and thought it was obstructing members of the public using the road. When I went to ask them why they had parked there I realized they were engaging in a different business.”

    The County boss expressed his surprise when he found the lorry owners offloading cartons of fish allegedly imported from China

    “Am surprised that people of Eldoret eat fish imported from China. I don’t think garage business had anything to do with food handling. This is clearly unhygienic,” the governor remarked.

    He maintained that those found at the location did not have any documentation showing how the imports were brought into the county.

    Uasin Gishu Governor Jackson Mandago

    The Uasin Gishu governor further added that those arrested did not prove if they had complied with all the necessary requirements including from KEBS and KRA.

    “Some of the fish is rotten and already it’s being offloaded may be to be sold to people here exposing them to high risks,” Mandago stated.

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