Residents Protest County Assembly Proposal to Pay Gym Fees for Embu MCAs

Residents Protest County Assembly Proposal to Pay Gym Fees for Embu MCAs

Embu residents are up in arms over a proposal by the County Assembly that would see taxpayers foot the bill for gymnasium subscriptions for its 33 ward representatives and 80 members of staff. 

Speaker Josiah Thiriku, while highlighting the assembly’s planned activities for the 2018/19 Financial Year, explained that they realized many members of the assembly had gained weight and faced serious health risks as a result.

Declaring that members needed to be fit, he outlined the proposal that would offer MCAs access to aerobics, saunas and other health and fitness options.

“The Assembly Service Board has factored that members need to be fit. I think all of us have added some weight. We have factored some money for members to participate in activities geared towards their fitness.

“We shall be paying subscriptions for members who wish to join gym and aerobics or even sauna to lose some weight,” he announced.


Residents were, however, angered by the proposal which they termed as blatant wastage of public resources.

They questioned why the MCAs could not pay for their own gym subscriptions yet they were well remunerated.

Many of those who spoke to the press called for the ward representatives to focus their efforts on crucial programs such as job creation.

Runyenjes Central MCA Steve Simba promised to fight the proposal on the floor of the house.

“This is total wastage of resources. Why should you eat excessively and the county spend money to help you reduce the excess weight? Again why do you have to use a vehicle all the time?” he posed.



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