Raila Will Be The President Before Ruto- Mutahi Ngunyi Reveals


Controversial political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi behind the infamous tyranny of numbers has made rather intriguing predictions regarding Raila Odinga.

The man who has ever had kind words for the ODM supremo has predicted that Raila will be president before Deputy President William Ruto.

Ngunyi advised the self acclaimed “hustler” to remain calm and follow President Uhuru Kenyatta’s lead. He also asked the DP to change tact, be patient and avoid showing some sense of entitlement.

In his political vlog, the fifth Estate ,he said the deputy president’s brand of politics illustrated that he is hungry for power which he says will cost him the presidency come 2022 adding that the country was tired of politics and is in need of good leadership.

“To fix government, Uhuru needs leaders not politicians. A politician is a complainant, person with the gift of commotion. A leader does not excite the crowd, he directs them. Uhuru is asking Ruto to talk vision not election,” he said.

In the backdated memo to Ruto,Ngunyi and his students ask him to read the mood of the country

They argue that if Raila had kept his cool while the prime minister, he could have succeeded Kibaki but he lost to Uhuru because he was power hungry the same way Ruto now is.

They add that Raila has learnt from the said mistake and is now calm and more posed for the big seat.

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