Raila Wants State Officials Compelled to Use Small Cars

Raila Wants State Officials Compelled to Use Small Cars

Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga is targeting a change in the lifestyle of senior government officials as the country rides through tough economic times.

The ODM party leader is seeking to have senior government officials compelled to use different cars, a shift from current fuel guzzlers.

Speaking during the weekend in Ukwala, Siaya County, Raila further defended his support for the introduction of the 8 percent tax levy on all petroleum products.

Raila Odinga alighting from his car

He stated that the introduction of more taxes was not aimed at making Kenyans suffer but rather seeking to boost the country’s economy to desired standards.

Raila maintained that there is a need to cut down unnecessary expenses as the use of big cars and unnecessary, costly travel among government officials.

“We have told the government to cut all unnecessary spending like using big cars and traveling in business class instead of economic class,” stated Raila.

In Raila’s view, government officers should be compelled to use small cars such as the Volkswagen Passat that had been recommended by Uhuru during his tenure as the Minister for Finance.

He also took issue with the parliamentary committees fond of holding meetings away from Nairobi.

Raila opined that the committees should be made to conduct business within Nairobi to ensure that the government contains overspending.

“Nowadays MPs are prone to going to Mombasa for committee meetings. They travel in business class hence wasting public funds,” Raila observed .

He went on to state that: “We cannot allow the 8 percent VAT levy on fuel and entertain extravagant spending by the Executive and Legislature”.

The former PM concluded by warning that should the government fail to redeem the country’s economy in the next one year, he’d lead a push to have the new taxes scrapped.

Raila made revelations that the opposition backed the new taxes on condition that the State has to cut extravagant spending for the sake of developing the country.

Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga speaking during the weekend at Ukwala, Siaya PHOTO/The Star


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