Raila Thanks Hon Mbadi, Junet And Wanga for Supporting Uhuru 8% VAT Bill

Raila Thanks Hon Mbadi, Junet And Wanga for Supporting Uhuru 8% VAT Bill

Hon. Raila Odinga wishes to thank all Orange Democratic Movement members of Parliament who observed the principle of party discipline and stood by the Party and NASA’s resolutions to back the Finance Bill in the National Assembly on Thursday.

Mr Odinga believes party discipline, which enables the Parliamentary Group to support the policies and directions of the party is critical to strengthening the political parties system in the country, delivery of the party’s agenda and aiding the process of democratisation.

More importantly, Mr Odinga believes that party discipline is going to play a critical role as Kenyans seek to actualize the dreams of the country’s rebirth and re-engineering as contained in the nine-point Building Bridges to the New Kenyan Nation MOU.
Mr Odinga therefore thanks those members who, despite different concerns, were able to honour their word and commitment to the party and looked at the larger picture in line with the party and the coalition’s dream of finding longer-term solutions to the country’s ages old problems.

Mr Odinga assures Kenyans of his commitment to the pursuit of a lasting solution to the country’s decades old problems through pragmatic steps arrived at through bipartisan support devoid of the traditional rhetoric and brinkmanship.

Finally, Mr Odinga lauds all the leaders and committee chairs from across the divide who did what was difficult but right during the volatile debate.
Dennis Onyango
September 22, 2018.


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