Raila Junior’s Sunday Prayer Item Raises Eyebrows

Raila Junior's Sunday Prayer Item Raises Eyebrows

A prayer item by Raila Junior Odinga on Sunday turned a talking point for netizens, a few days after he outrightly criticised the opposition’s support for a revamped tax regime.

A  number of Kenyans privy to the details of the intercession shared by the Former Prime Minister’s son noted that this was an indication he was readying to take up a leadership role.

In his prayer, even though scantily revealing details of his desires, Raila Jnr hopes he has the capability to be the difference sought by many people.

Raila Junior greets his supporters

“I pray always to the Lord to give me the courage and wisdom to make difference in people’s lives Baba, I hope I can do that,” Raila Jnr wrote on his Twitter handle.

He went on to state that “there are so many people out there who only need a light in the dark to give them some direction. May the Lord bless us… as we do some good in this Life.”

On the ongoing heated debate on the new taxes, Raila Jnr had announced having met his father, Raila Odinga, and sharing in the view that lawmakers ought to be allowed room to act independently.

It is arguably the first time he had taken a divergent view from that of the ODM party leader, siding with a majority of Kenyans who felt it was wrong for the state and the opposition-affiliated MPs to ratify imposition of more burdensome taxes.

As Raila Jnr appears to warm up for the country’s politics that is struggling to move away from the dynasties, former Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka has already groomed his son Kennedy Musyoka.

Kalonzo’s son was nominated to East Africa’s Legislative Assembly alongside Raila’s elder brother Oburu Odinga.

Former President Moi’s son, Senator Gideon Moi, is already in the political bindings while retired President Kibaki’s family members have not expressed much interest in the country’s politics.

Here is a snippet of how some Kenyans on Twitter had reacted to his prayer:

Reactions to his tweet
Raila Junior in a recent meeting with the former PM Raila Odinga





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