Raila Explains Why ODM Stopped Exposing Corruption Scandals


National Super Alliance (NASA) leader Raila Odinga on Monday explained why the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) no longer exposes corruption scandals in the government as they used to do during President Uhuru Kenyatta’s first term.

Speaking at a meeting of the party’s National Executive Committee (NEC) in Mombasa, Raila stated that corruption cartels had grown accustomed to his exposés and would use them as a shield against investigations, arrest and prosecution.

“The cartels used our alarm bells to shield themselves. They would say “These people are only jealous of our progress as Jubilee”.

“We are no longer whistleblowers, we are one with the government in fighting corruption,” he declared.

He announced that ODM had decided to employ new tactics and could no longer be accused of being ‘enemies of progress’.


Noting that the strategy had been successful given the renewed war on graft, Raila told officials they should use it to solve other pressing national challenges as well.

“If ODM has enabled the war on corruption to take off, then it must help with issues of national unity and divisive elections…Kenyans are yearning for politics that heals, not which hurts,” Raila continued.

He expressed support for President Kenyatta’s order issued last week that lifestyle audits be carried out on all government officials beginning with himself.

The ODM leader stated that he was also ready to face the lifestyle audit.

In addition, he asked Uhuru to enlist the services of external agencies and experts so as to boost local capacity to carry out thorough audits.

The Opposition chief also dismissed speculation that the Mombasa meeting was organized to plan on how to counter forays by Deputy President William Ruto into the Coast region, traditionally an ODM stronghold, ahead of the 2022 General Election.

“Joho agreed to host the meeting in Mombasa and they invited us to come more than two months ago, so this is not a crisis meeting called to respond to imaginary issues created by the media,” he stated.


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