Raila Campaign Team Exposed Badly, Book Details Rot, Mediocrity, Incompetence etc

Raila Campaign Team Exposed Badly, Book Details Rot, Mediocrity, Incompetence etc

Abook that details gross incompetence, mediocrity and raw incompetence in the Raila 2017 campaign team will be launched tomorrow.

The book details how the campaign was run down by people close to the former premier.

Among key personalities that held say in the secretariat include Winnie Odinga, Wills Otieno, Jimmy Wanjigi, Junet Mohammed,Salime Lone, Kathleen Openda, Joe Ager and other clueless characters.

Of importance is how the Raila capital hill secretariat staff and Musalia Mudavadi kept off the day to day running of the campaigns and leaving it in the hands of a clueless ragtag army.

The author of the book John Onyando says:

I have been out of the public square for several months as I was is due to be launched tomorrow, Monday 16 July at the Intercontinental Hotel. Ugandan opposition leader Kizza Besigye will preside over the launch, assisted by former Chief Justice Willy Mutunga and other dignitaries.

The Sunday Standard has serialised parts of the book in three full pages today (pages 10, 11 and 26). The parts that have been serialised today, chosen for their newsworthiness, of course, deal with my recollections about the NASA presidential campaign where I served for two months, and the problems with scrutiny of IEBC records for the NASA petition, a section of which I headed.

The Standard will serialise more parts of the book tomorrow and on Tuesday, during which more contents of the book will be published. When that happens, it will be clear to readers that the book is not about NASA or Jubilee but the whole election and the unprecedented events that marked it.

The purpose of the book is to contribute to the dialogue on free and fair elections and the search for justice in Kenyan society. Needless to add, the book underwent a thorough review by authoritative people in various fields, and is scrupulously truthful and objective.

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