Raila and Uhuru Family Heritage Is A Burden Unlike DP Ruto’s Smooth ‘Looting’ Background


By Phelix G C


1. Uhuru Kenyatta is self made: Was never endorsed by his father. His father died when he was a teenager, a time he never knew he would ever go for a political seat in his life. He made himself for what he is today.

2. Raila Odinga is self made : was never endorsed by his father . In fact , before God took him, it is on record that his late dad preferred and endorsed the late Wamalwa to take over Ford Kenya but not him . Out from jail, Odinga fought his way through to become what he is today.

3. William Ruto record was breastfeeded to politics right from ground zero all the way up. From being mtu wa mkono wa Jirongo , to Moi CU choir entertainer , before Raila gave him a breakthrough when he recruited him to the PENTAGON. Out of greed and selfishness, he threw out himself before Uhuru picked him up in Gikomba market and made him a deputy President. However, This is the best he will ever attain in Kenyan politics.

Meanwhile Antony Oyugi says:


Why are Kalenjin ‘leaders’visiting Issac Ruto asking him to work with Jubilee. Work on what from what position. If you wanted him to work with Jubilee you should’ve elected him Governor. He would then have more useful influence and a platform from which to work with Jubilee. Is this another way of asking him to support his namesake who’s now under threat from Gideon Moi. Don’t tell me it’s not because I know the answer

Secondly, in African culture it’s rude for someone to turn down an invitation to visit another man’s home. There should therefore be no excitement about Uhuru and Raila Amollo Odinga visiting William. We should now have the invitation extended to Gideon Moi and Hassan Joho.


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