Raila and Kabogo Steal Show At Musician Kamaru Burial, DP Ruto Left Smiling in Pain

Raila and Kabogo Steal Show At Musician Kamaru Burial, DP Ruto Left Smiling in Pain

Prime Minister Raila Odinga and former Kiambu governor William Kabogo were at the centre of attention yesterday in Muranga during the burial of Mugithi legend Joseph Kamaru.

There was prolonged ululations as both Kabogo and Raila were introduced to the audience a confirmation that two are winning hearts of millions of Central Kenya population in anticipation to take over uthamaki come 2022.

DP Ruto seem to have come to terms with his situation (hali yake) was left with smiling and fake laughs with his boss the president who openly accorded Raila a standing ovation. Often Uhuru is not supposed to stand to great people as he is the head of state BUT at Muranga he defied protocol, stood up and greeted Raila with two hands forcing the Sugoi man to follow suit.

DP has come to accept that its nothing he can do, his fate is with the Mt Kenya oligarchs. On his part Governor Kabogo is slowly warming into the hearts of Mt Kenya residents as could be competitors slump to lowest pits; Kiraitu Murungi, Martha Karua , Peter Kenneth etc are all off the table.

How the two main protagonists in last year’s State House race closed ranks after a viciously contested election leaving friend and foe confounded remains a mystery.

“Raia wa kawaida wamefaidika sana na handshake lakini viongozi kwa vile wanataka viti bado ndio wana maneno lakini raia wako sawasawa,” former Starehe MP Maina Kamanada said.

He was speaking during the funeral of legendary musician Joseph Kamaru in Murang’a on Thursday.

The Uhuru-Raila handshake has been the source of murmurs in the Jubilee party just like it was in NASA.

Allies of Kenyatta and Odinga who felt left out in the process leading to the pact silently and at times openly questioned it.

However on Thursday, President Uhuru Kenyatta told off critics of the unity deal saying they should not be derailed by petty politics.

“Kenya will never achieve her true position in the world unless we come together,” he said during funeral.

On his part, Raila Odinga said: “Tulikuwa tumewaambia tuende Canaan lakini tulipofika mto Jordan tukapata mamba pale.”

His comment elicited laughter in the audience who were earlier in a sombre mood, mourning the loss of a great Benga musician.

“Sasa tukasema tujenge madaraja ya kuvukisha watu kuingia wapi? Na sasa tunasema Canaan sio ya wanaNASA peke yake, ni ya Jubilee na NASA pamoja,” Raila added.

How the Uhuru-Raila pact would influence the 2022 State House race is a pertinent question in the country’s political scene.

Whether the handshake can jolt DP William Ruto’s presidential ambition or scuttle his political arithmetic in the Kenyatta succession contest comes to the fore.

“Your Excellency you have our unqualified support as you unite the country na sisi tukiwa jeshi yako hasa nikiwa mtu wako wa mkono nitahakikisha ya kwamba kazi ya maendeleo haiwezi kurudi nyuma,” Ruto said.


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