Raila Accorded Standing Ovation In Murang’a, MadLuv4Baba At Kamaru Funeral Service

Raila Accorded Standing Ovation In Murang'a, MadLuv4Baba At Kamaru Funeral Service

By Phelix G Cord
Picture Speak: Standing ovation as People’s President Raila Odinga arrives at Muthithi Secondary School in Murang’a for the funeral service of the late Joseph Kamaru.

Son of Jomo greats son of Jaramogi with a lot of respect, deep humility. The hustler expresses the greetings with some defiant ego? It’s OK. Is alright– noted pundit Kamasasa E

”A future with Uhuru Kenyatta as Executive Prime Minister and Head of Government and Raila Odinga as President and Head of State is one that will unlock the untold potential of this magnificent country of ours!’- Innocent Ngare notes
WATCH THE FUNERAL SERVICE as covered by Citizen TV>>

And Martha J Miano had this to say:

About 2 months ago…… I posted on my timeline that if elections were held today, Raila would beat Ruto in Central Kenya hands down. His worshippers attacked me right, left and centre claiming that I had been paid. Did you guys read the mood at Kamaru’s funeral today? Did you guys watch Uhuru’s brother, His tibiimness Rt. Hon Raila Odinga getting a standing ovation in Murang’a County Central Kenya?…………Oooooh no, Murang’a residents had been paid by Hon. Ngunjiri Wambugu…… Ama namna gani Khasandi Wanyama? Team Ruto currently, the only competition you can win is insults competition.


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