PWC Forensic Auditor Who Fell from 17th Was ‘Killed’, Handled Sensitive Information

PWC Forensic Auditor Who Fell from 17th Was ‘Killed’, Handled Sensitive Information

By Anwar Sadat

This guy until his death (Some speculates to be suicide) was an employee of PWC, a firm that is investigating the money laundering crimes on behalf of Jubilee government for stolen cash stashed in foreign accounts.

The guy was the lead investigative officer.

Just recently, one of the local daily newspaper wrote a story about some Kshs 15 billions stashed in foreign account.

The guy then mysteriously “Jumps” to his death………… though those who saw him claim “he was hanging on and looked like he was calling for help.”

I remember I once heard that Dr. Robert Ouko also committed suicide before dissolving part of his body in acid and setting the remaining part on fire before walking himself to Got Alila.

The Tendons of the Mob runs deep in kenya. There is no institution they do not control!

I am thinking outside the box.This smells like murder and not suicide!

His campus mate at JKUAT where Steve graduated with honors with a Civil Engineering had this to say:

It is one thing to read news, but even harder when its a face you got to see for your entire campus life. Young, energetic, polite, focused, soft spoken, Steve Mumbo wasn’t the type that behaved indecently, am not surprised that as we hustled doing sales jobs, he had earned his way to some six figure job at PwC, probably as his first real gig. The police should spare no effort to ensure that this matter is amicably dispensed with. He was a guru of forensics, and ironically, only thorough forensics can determine what got this very measured, introspective, mild mannered, non-impulsive dude to drop from 17th floor to 2nd floor balcony. Who did it? And why? This is so painful… RIP Engineer Steve

So, Steve was an Engineer by training? what a brain? what a talent !


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