Punitive Actions Taken Against Kenyan Workers in Sonlink Limited

Punitive Actions Taken Against Kenyan Workers in Sonlink Limited

Details have emerged of punitive measures taken against Kenyan workers by Sonlink Limited linked to racist Chinese national Liu Jiaqi.

The Standard revealed institutionalised harassment of Kenyan employees involving an array of rules, procedures and disciplinary measures by their Chinese bosses.

According to the firm’s rules and regulations, all mistakes are quantified in monetary terms.

A junior staff incurs an automatic Ksh 1,000 reduction from his salary if he misses a call from the Chinese bosses while missing more than two calls costs Ksh 2,000.

Lateness to work is an offence punished by a Sh50 penalty off your pay for every minute after the reporting time.

Time after 8:31 am and 13:31 pm treat as late. Fine Sh50 for every minute of lateness,” rule 4 of the company’s 2018 Rules and Regulations states.

Staff are also barred from using their computers or mobile phones to browse any non-work related things during office hours.

Every employee must stick to the work. No laughing. No noise. If (you) leave the position for 15 minutes without reasons. Treat it as absence,” another rule reads.

To ensure that employees dont leave their posts, everyone is required to check in 4 times a day, 8.30am, 12.30pm, 13.30pm, 17.30pm.

According to the Standard, Sonlink has 8 Kenyan employees and 12 Chinese member of staff.

The motorcycle assembling company came to the limelight after a video of the firm’s CEO derogatory racist remarks went viral.

Sonlink has since closed down its base of operation at Ruiru in Kiambu.


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