Private NYS Investigator Fled the Country in Fear of His Life

Private NYS Investigator Fled the Country in Fear of His Life

The private investigator probing the looting at the National Youth Service (NYS) has fled the country. 

The private investigator, whose identity remains anonymous, fled the country to the United States as he is noted to have dual citizenship. 

According to reports, he left the country following the emergence of the NYS scandal after he unearthed details of how money is being embezzled at the service.

He is noted to have been hired last year mid-December by frustrated suppliers over non-payment of goods and services rendered to NYS.


The investigator is claimed to have been working on getting evidence of the suppliers who were being paid at the expense of the others as “they needed hard evidence to present to President Uhuru Kenyatta.”

According to an expose by the Standard, the investigator had mined substantive information showing how hundreds of millions of shillings were frequently being paid to one influential tenderpreneur enjoying unrestricted access at NYS headquarters, the Ministry of Public Service, Youth and Gender Affairs, and some banks.

With the help of someone at the NYS headquarters, the detective was able to trail a copy of Integrated Financial Information System (IFMIS) payments.

Together with two informers, a political analyst, and suppliers, the investigator approached a government official, whose identity is also protected for security reasons, with the IFMIS report.

However, the government official was skeptical of the information wondering what the motive of the investigator was, but he is said to have retained the IFMIS copy which he verified at the Treasury and found out it was true.

“After they conducted a run check, my doubts were cleared, it was authentic. How they came into contact with a genuine copy still puzzles me,” the government insider told The Standard.

The details of the financial records were later handed over to the Head of Public Service Joseph Kinyua who handed over the document to National Intelligence Service director Major General Philip Kameru who commenced investigations into the suspicious payments.

Details of the investigators flee comes after the Lead state investigator Julius Muia, of the NYS scandal, was dropped by the court from the proceedings of the case.

Inspector Muia was dropped following allegations about business dealings and sexual advances on one of the NYS suspects. 


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