Prince William to Visit Kenya

Prince William to Visit Kenya

British Prince William is set to visit Kenya this month in a campaign aimed at helping save wildlife species endangered by poaching.

According to reports in British newspapers, the high-profile trip will see the Duke of Cambridge seek to scale the fight against poaching in order to save endangered wildlife species.

While giving his inaugural speech as patron of the Royal African Society (RAS), he indicated he would do all he can to end the terrible global crime that is poaching.

Prince William having a talk with a ranger courtesy of Getty Images

I am deeply saddened by the numbers of elephant, rhino, and pangolin who have been illegally slaughtered for their tusks, horns, and scales. The illegal wildlife trade also has a devastating human impact,” the 36-year-old remarked.

He mentioned that Africa is facing unprecedented challenges from poaching and illegal wildlife trading.

All too often rangers are out-resourced and out-gunned. Most of them never imagined that they would need to lay down their lives to protect their country’s heritage. But that is the harsh reality.

Too many brave rangers are tragically killed each year by poachers. Communities see their tourist livelihoods threatened. And the proceeds of the illegal wildlife trade fund broader criminal networks and threaten security,” he indicated.

The three-country tour of Africa will also see him make stopovers in Namibia and Tanzania.

I first fell in love with Africa when I spent time in Kenya, Botswana, and Tanzania as a teenager. I was captivated and have been hankering to get back as often as possible ever since,” he intimated.

Official dates for the visit have not been confirmed and there are speculations whether the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton will accompany him.

Prince William and President Uhuru Kenyatta at State House


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