President Uhuru Suffering Stage One Lung Cancer, To Start Treatment Soon- Kahawa Tungu reports

President Uhuru Suffering Stage One Lung Cancer, To Start Treatment Soon- Kahawa Tungu reports

By Kahawa Tungu

Following leads by our deep sources close to the presidency that President Uhuru Kenyatta was recently diagnosed with lung cancer, we sought to get a solid confirmation.

KahawaTungu can now confidently confirm that President Uhuru was recently diagnosed with lung cancer and has already started going through measures to contain the spread of the tumour.

According to our sources, President Uhuru was diagnosed with stage one lung cancer more than 2 months ago and advised on what he needed to do so as not to get chest complications. He was advised mostly to stay at low altitude regions like Mombasa and wear warm clothing so as not to get more chest complications.

The President has restricted his local interactions and even recently surprised his entourage when he dismissed all his handlers in Dubai and remained only with 3 key staff members. It is believed that the President was looking to start treatment. According to our source, the President is consulting with doctors in United Kingdom to find ways of starting treatment.
President Uhuru at JKIA

From China, President Uhuru went to Dubai where he instructed most of his handlers to proceed to Nairobi as he stayed back to engage in a business which they couldn’t understand. The President later arrived in Nairobi without much fanfare and under a cloud of secrecy.

According to sources close to State House, the diagnosis has changed the president who is now more determined to find ways of bettering Kenya’s healthcare and fight corruption.

While we understand that it is almost impossible to get hands on the medical documents relating to the president’s health, we believe that being diagnosed with cancer doesn’t make President Uhuru incapable of handling his duties and this should energise the head of state to vigorously fight the disease.

Key staffers close to President Uhuru have denied this while others have indicated that there are signs in change in the mannerism of the President, pointing to this possibility.

Today, KahawaTungu has confirmed from a close confidant of the President that the head of state is already seeking treatment.

According to a senior local doctor, signs of lung cancer are chronic chest pains, loss of weight, sweating a lot and coughing (sometimes contains blood). The complication can be managed by staying warm and treatment can be through surgery where part of one lung can be removed, lobectomy or pneumonectomy which involves the removal of an entire lung.

Other modes of treatment are radiotherapy, chemotherapy, radio-surgery and drug therapy.



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